Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Home inspections questions and answers - Part II

Home inspections questions and answers - Part II


I had a long chat with Kim Smith, executive at HUB International on home inspection insurance and she really opened my eyes. Saying you are insured “should” mean you carry both general liability and errors and omissions insurance. I have heard of inspectors who claim insurance, but somehow the costly E&O is not in their policy. Kim commented that she got a number of calls for home inspectors out west during their initiation period who wanted to know if the “quickie” inspections or a “walk-thru” for a reduced fee was covered, the answer was “NO”. She also commented that in the hot Toronto market, it dramatically reduced home inspections and the real estate agents are now seeing an increase of law suits from buyers who passed on a home inspection. She also noted that in BC after licensing was enacted, her company did not see an upward spike in claims, a testament to those that remained were competent.

Recommendation #2: confirm your inspector has both kinds of insurance and his policy is current, a binder is produced by all insurance companies as proof they are professional enough to carry the full insurance coverage.


This last step should be one every home inspector in Ontario now knows. In the December 21 consultation paper from the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services it made reference to the Canadian CSA A-770 Home inspection Standard as the expected inspection method. It’s a lot more detailed than most other standards, we began using it when it was announced in March of 2016 and find for one inspector, done properly it often takes up to four hours. The days of the 1-2 hour inspection are gone.

Recommendation #3: ask your inspector if he is following the CSA standard, it’s expected to be the Ontario standard once licensing arrives and there is no reason not to use a standard that is available now.

If you are buying a home this year a home inspection is always a wise decision, make sure you get what you expect. Every professional who is involved in the home buying process and referring a Home Inspector Brampton should be aware of these issues and properly guide their clients.

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