Sunday 18 September 2016

Inspect Your House Before Sale

Inspect Your House Before Sale

As a home investigator, you provide housebuyers with a valuable service, and your professional estimate of a property carries a lot of weight with them.

While you can assure the house buyer that everything is in working order, and advise them as to the age and status of their appliances and systems, no one can forecast when breakdowns will occur. That is why the Home safeguard Plan from Home Warranty Inspection Newmarket is such a great service


  • Enhances your standing as a concerned and competent professional with customers estate agents
  • Protects your reputation when something damages after the sale of a home
  • Provides you with liability protection after the sale of a house
  • Covers nearly mechanical systems and  18 appliances
  • Price you nothing
  • Involves no signup or paperwork to start using this inspection
  • Provides District Sales Representatives who are available to visit your office arena, answer questions  regarding the warranty, offer sales tips, communicate marketing ideas, and provide other helpful information as needed.

These are the benefits of Home Warranty Inspection Newmarket of selling your property

Call us at 647-704-7100 to meet your home or building inspection needs. We can provide you with flexible appointments to suit your schedule.

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