Thursday 29 March 2018

How to Choose a Right Condo? Contact Condo Inspection Toronto

How to Choose a Right Condo? Contact Condo Inspection Toronto

You might do your inspection is a good thing because it will help to avoid any kind of problem and deprivation. On the other  hand, there is much stuff that you need to bear in mind prior to deciding to move on the condo that you want to purchase. I  recommend Condo Inspection Toronto who is helping to inspect your home and make a good decision for the home. 

The very first determine what and how is the condition of the electric equipment of the residence. Are they working well?  Along with they check out the condition of the cooling air and heating system devices that are there within the condo. This  ensures that all the appliances are safe to use and it still useful to use. If you don't want to check them, it will make a  huge problem in future. Condo inspection helps to resolve all the concerns regarding of the appliances also if a there issue  exists you can ask them to repair as soon as possible to make them become useful again in your condo. Inspection reveals that  good drainage system at your home and also check the faucet in every area of the house. Confirm that inspection in the  cooking area and in the shower room for the electrical connections that are really nearby to the waters. Some instances make  electrical circuit is not functioning well and you have to decide if you are going to buy the condo or not. 

Are you think that inspection is very expensive? Don't worry, our Toronto Condo Inspection offers affordable price for the  inspections. Mr. Yama and his colleagues can assist you whether you are buying a residential or commercial property or simply  want to learn more about your home’s regular maintenance needs.


Condo Inspector Toronto at South Annex - Book Appointment on Golden Home Inspections

Condo Inspector Toronto at South Annex - Book Appointment on Golden Home Inspections

Hello buddies! Are you looking condo in South Annex? South Annex having Young urban professionals, students, faculty and  anyone who has a desperate need to be close to transit are primarily who your neighbours are likely to be. Also has some  pretty fantastic dining and shopping options. 
If you want to inspect you condo situated at south annex contat our Condo Inspector Toronto who is well experienced and  inspect your condo with advanced techniques.

One of our client bought condo at south annex area. Mr. Yama inspected his condo. He conducted condo inspection is a visual  inspection of the following:
-Heating System
-Electrical System
-Plumbing System, including faucets, toilets, bathtubs and showers 
-Interior structural elements, including windows, walls, floors, doors, etc.
-Ductwork and Vents

Mr. Yama and his team inspected condo also he advised him how to maintained each component in future and how to manage if he  facing small type of problem in future. Team has submitted the inspection report. In that report they have mentioned  electrical problem is existed. Also he explained clearly that if we did not fix it now, it will be become a big problem in  future. Client inform to realtor to fix that issue before sign the condo. Our customer is happy and get relaxed because he  knew that once he completed purchase then issue was depend on him. So he has to fix and spent lot of amount to fix that  issue. Also he said thanks to Mr.Yama. 

Friends! Remember that before buying a new condo you must inspect your condo and save your money. We suggest Toronto Condo Inspector  is one of topleading inspections company in Canada. Our team always treat a customer very polietly and friendly. For  more information please refer the website "".


Wednesday 28 March 2018

Condo Inspector Toronto at Leslieville - Mold Test

Condo Inspector Toronto at Leslieville - Mold Test

Good Morning friends! Leslieville is one of the artistic standards of abounded and middle working class sensibility that  fades the farther north to go. Young professionals and families looking newer condos in the prime streets particularly those  are well-employed parents. Also, contain plenty of family streets with a lot of green space.   In that area, Condo Inspector Toronto performed an inspection to new condo one of our clients.

Here I am going to discuss how to inspect the mold test in that condo by our inspector. People don't want a condo with mold  problem but very hard to find the sneaky little spores. Mold can produce a fungus with various colors and shapes. Even mold  can grow between walls, under floors and ceilings, or in less accessible spots, such as basements and attics. Mold can grow  in houses situated in the desert even homes in hot and humid climates. When you are buying condo look, look for each  component above to figure out if there are symptoms of mold. Particularly you can find out in bathrooms, kitchens, laundry  rooms, basements, cabinets with plumbing, or other areas with plumbing. There are two types of toxic mold available that are  Stachybotrys (often called toxic black mold) and Aspergillus. Most cases it is growing hidden places like behind walls. You  can find the highest amount of mold spores with the help mold test. 

Before you start mold testing you have to thorough mold inspection of your condo done. Toronto Condo Inspector  having more  than 10 years of experience in the mold testing. If you want to contact for mold testing fill out the request form which is  displayed on the website. Golden home inspections conducting best home, condo and commercial inspections also building  construction services with affordable price. For more information please refer the website  "".


Condo Inspector Toronto at Lawrence Park - Radon Test

Condo Inspector Toronto at Lawrence Park - Radon Test

Good Morning friends! Lawrence Park is pretty, so we like that. It consists of green space, and neighborly qualities of the  area, which is very expensive, many of the local children go to nearby private schools and it's not uncommon for residents to  have second or third out of city properties that they escape to warmer or cooler months. Our Condo Inspector Toronto  performed an inspection to the new condo one of our clients. 

Here I am going to share about how to test the radon in that condo by our inspector.Radon is a radioactive gas which can make  a cancer problem. Basically, radon produced from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock, and water and gets into  the air you breathe. This radon entering into the air and get into your home through cracks, expansion joints and holes in  the foundation. Although we never see and smell radon, it creates a problem in your home. According to a surgeon of the  United States has explained that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Most common type of radon testing devices  is passive devices which include short-term devices such as charcoal canisters and long-term devices such as alpha-track  detectors also these type of devices are inexpensive. A short-term test takes 2 to 90 days and the long-term test takes 90  days. Cost of the radon test is not expensive. 

Nowadays many condo buyers ask if they should test for radon during the inspection. If you want to do radon test in your  condo we recommend our Toronto Condo Inspector . Mr. Yama and his team inspect your condo with various tools and techniques  with affordable price and submit the detailed report. For more information please refer the website  "".


How to Decide Your Home is Good at Toronto Area - Condo Inspector Toronto

How to Decide Your Home is Good at Toronto Area - Condo Inspector Toronto

Buying condo is wonderful momentous and meaningful investment for your family. But it is very hard to check the physical condition of the house. As a buyer who can focus on style, size, layout, price, and neighborhood of the condo. But condo inspector concentrate on structure, foundation, roof, interior, exterior, heating/cooling and ventilation system, electrical, plumbing and we take care of evaluating its major systems. Our Condo Inspector Toronto who is expertise in both interior and exterior inspection.

How will you get a quality condo? Condo inspector make sure that these initial questions can include that how long have you been inspecting homes? Are you a full-time or a part-time inspector? Where did you get your training? How many homes do you inspect a year? And, are you experienced with this type of home? When you buy a condo from seller what are you expect from that? The realtor just fulfills your needs like swimming pool, gym, modular kitchen, park etc. So that did not concentrate on the interior and exterior function of the building because you don't have aware how to check the interior functions. Here are some of the other things inspector need to consider:

-Check the floors and walls because the floors that are sloped it will lead to water damage.
-The cracked wall suggests a structural problem.
-Check the drawers and doors that are easily opened and closed and fully operational.

The professional inspector will examine all of the interior and exterior systems of the suite and provide a detailed report which will help you predict your future maintenance costs. There may be deficiencies which may lead to negotiate your purchase price before going to confirm.If you looking for condo inspector, contact our Toronto Condo Inspector  who will provide you inspection report within 48 hours at the end of the inspection. 


Saturday 17 March 2018

Yama gives affordable cost for condo services in the Oakville:

Yama gives affordable cost for condo services in the Oakville:

As a part of the condo buying process, the buyers hire a licensed and professional condo inspector to check the interior and exterior components of the condo. So the condo inspector well knows what really they are purchasing. We recommend our Condo Inspection Toronto who is helping to make a wise decision while you purchase the new condo. 

In this article let us discuss how to inspect A/C system in the condo. First of all, check the thermostat to ensure that it is adjusted properly and set at cool and auto temperature setting below the current air temperature. If your thermostat is battery powered, a low battery symbol indicates the weak batteries are the problem. Then disconnects the system and find the system is not functioning, where someone has moved into a condo recently, they are familiar with the location of the disconnect at the indoor unit, called as the air handler. Some disconnects are get shut off by accident. Locate our indoor disconnect and make sure it is on, which is breaker switch inside a small box. The disconnect at the outside unit is asked condenser. Make sure that when condenser looks for the ON lettering right side up at the top of the pull piece. If OFF is at the top also ON is upside down then power is disconnected. When you reset it should be shut off again shortly after restarting, stop and call for service. 

Are you looking professional condo inspector at Oakville? We suggest that Golden Home Inspections company having the Certified and Registered Inspector who provide you with a condo inspection. Also, they will educate you to manage your condo repairs and prevent you from experiencing escalating costs down the road. They are using latest technology tools, they prepare an inspection report on site and one with images that will be emailed to you within 48 hours of my inspection. They are services all over Toronto in Canada. If you are not in these place, Please call us our Condo Inspection Toronto "647-704-7100" and they can arrange an inspection in your neighborhood.

Friday 16 March 2018

Get your condo right in the Oshawa:

Get your condo right in the Oshawa:

Are you looking condo inspector at Oshawa? We recommend Condo Inspector Toronto who has more than 10years experience in the inspection services. In this article, we will go to discuss kitchen inspection at the condo.

Each area of your condo will get some special attention from the condo inspector. Okay, let start to discuss how to inspect your kitchen by the inspector. There two categories of inspection in your kitchen that are plumbing and appliances. In terms of plumbing, you can expect the inspector to check for leaks and make sure that faucet and spray wand work properly. They will check your p-trap for proper installation and ensure that drain runs free. The inspector checks your dishwasher and ensures that it works properly and does not leak. Your stove hood will check to ensure that it is properly secured to the cabinet. Also, check that the vent to the outside is properly sealed. The microwave inspection is pretty simple and he will ensure that it works and that the lights work. The refrigerator will be checked to make sure that it works properly and if you have an icemaker that will be checked is there any leaks occur. Eventually, your electrical outlets will be tested and the inspector will look for any unsafe wiring in the kitchen. 

When you choose Condo Inspector Toronto you will get 100% quality of condo inspection report. Our dedicated team always help to make your right decision in your life. One of my kind advises that please do an inspection when you buy condo or home because it will give you more confident and secured to your family in the Oshawa. Next article we’ll talk about ensuring that your bathrooms can pass inspection.

Thursday 15 March 2018

Immigrate to your new Condo in Midtown after inspecting every inch - 647-704-7100

Immigrate to your new Condo in Midtown after inspecting every inch - 647-704-7100

Good Evening Friends,

I hope you people are happy by living in your beautiful and healthy home. This article is for people who are living in Midtown of Toronto and looking for purchase of a Condo. Here I am going to talk about the importance of Condo Inspection Toronto. The Condo that we are going to purchase a new one or came as a resale deal may have problems that we are not aware of. The Condo inspectors will help you to overcome these problems. 

In Ontario, the golden home inspections are one of the best Home inspections company which will provide you the best services in inspecting your home and condos. Mr.Yama Nehan is the principal of the golden home inspections. Mr.Nahen and his colleagues are very kind and patient to provide a complete analysis of the home or condo. Mr.Nehan is a certified and registered home inspector who is having 10 years of experience in the field of Home Inspections. He is also running a construction engineering company from which he has constructed more numbers of houses and condos.

If you have a desire to contact him for inspecting your Condo, then you can visit his website and also get an online appointment. The online appointment will help you to easily fix a date in which Mr.Nehan is available to conduct an inspection of your Condo.

Friends, I hope that you are aware of the golden home inspections and this awareness will help you to get an awesome Condo Inspection Toronto. For more details, please visit (

Own a perfect Condo in the famous Discovery District of Toronto with the help of Condo Inspector Toronto

Own a perfect Condo in the famous Discovery District of Toronto with the help of Condo Inspector Toronto

Hello Friends,

Purchasing a home or condo is like achieving the great goal of our life. We should be more careful and cautious with this purchase of Condo. If we are purchasing a condo or home as a resale deal, then we have to conduct an inspection necessarily before paying for the condo. It is because the inspection before purchasing a condo will create a problem for the seller. But when we are conducting a Condo Inspection after purchasing it will create a huge for the buyer. Here I am going to talk about the importance of conducting Condo Inspection by the best Condo Inspector Toronto.

My Friend who is living in Discovery District of Toronto purchased a Condo but he did not have the knowledge about Inspection of the Condo. Like all human being, my friend invested his time and money for purchasing an own house. After all struggles, he purchased a condo that he liked a lot. One of my other friends who came to his home gave an idea to conduct an inspection. First, he rejected the idea then he analyzed and started to search for a Condo Inspector. 

He searched everywhere like online and by friends and found that the golden home inspections will be suitable for him. He contacted Mr.Yama Nehan and asked him to inspect his condo. Mr.Nahen reached his condo and inspected it. After inspection, Mr.Nahen provided him the detailed report and mentioned the problems in the condo.

My friend was shocked because the Condo had problems on the roof. The report told that the roof needed to be repaired as soon as possible. Without any other way, my friend spends a huge amount of money for repairing that roof. He was very worried because he failed to inspect the condo before purchasing it. 

Friends, this is an important awareness for us that we should not have to purchase a condo or home without conducting a home inspection. The golden home inspections will help you by providing the best services. Mr.Nahen is the certified and registered Condo Inspector Toronto. For more details, please visit (

Research your new born home in Mount Pleasant for checking its stability with Home Inspection Brampton

Research your new born home in Mount Pleasant for checking its stability with Home Inspection Brampton

Good Morning Friends,

You will design your home and built it step by step and invest all your time and money. You will be very happy in this situation as you are going to achieve your life goal. The day which you are shifting to your new home with your family will be your day that you are in heaven. This may also happen in another case. People will not build their own home but will purchase a new home or a resale home from a retailer. In this case, the pre-purchase inspection is very important. Here we are going to talk about the importance of Home Inspection Brampton when you are purchasing a new or resale home.

The Pre-purchase inspection will help you to inspect the home with your trusty home inspector. This inspection will help you to understand the pros and cons of that home. Imagine that how you can live in a home that we are not aware of anything.

To achieve this, we should have to get help from the best home inspector. In Brampton, the golden home inspections are providing the best services for the home inspections. They are having a large number of customers in Mount Pleasant of Brampton. The clients of Mount Pleasant will love to get services from Mr.Yama Nehan, the principal of the golden home inspections. 

Mr.Yama Nehan is the best home inspector who has got registration and certificate for his services. He is having more than 10 years of experience in construction engineering and home inspections. Mr.Nehan will provide you the best Home Inspections Brampton and help you in purchasing your dream home. For more details, please visit (

Inspect your home in Downtown Brampton before walking inside as tenants -

Inspect your home in Downtown Brampton before walking inside as tenants -

Hi Friends,

As the experts and specialists in the field of home inspections, we are here to discuss something about home inspections which will help you while shifting to a new home. When you are moving for rent to a new home, you may have an inspection of that home by the best Home Inspector Brampton. It will help you to have a knowledge about the home in which you are going to live for a particular day.

A home is a place in which we find a space to get relaxed. After a day full of pressure and tension, we will hurry to our home which is our personal space and try to get relaxed. The home should be more healthy to make us happy and feel safe. When you are moving from a home to another home as a tenant, it is important that you should have a knowledge about the stability of the home.

I explain an incident which we experienced last week. Last week we got a call from Downtown Brampton. They asked us to conduct a home inspection for the home which they are going to shift as tenants. We reached the address they mentioned in the phone call. As usual, our principal Mr.Nehan started inspection and inspected the home. During Inspection, we found that the foundation is very weak and the home is not fit to live in. We specified the problem in the detailed report and personally warned them. I hope that the family will have got alert and their lives have been saved.

We are serving our customers for the past 10 years. Our Home Inspector Brampton have provided them with the honest services. For more details, please visit (

Tuesday 13 March 2018

Cure the Disease of your lovable home situated in Bramalea of Brampton

Cure the Disease of your lovable home situated in Bramalea of Brampton

Our home is a place where we are really living in. It only knows our happiness and sorrows. It will always give you a space to relax that we cannot get anywhere. It is our duty to understand the problems in that home by inspecting it for a certain time period. This will help us to know the problem of our home and we can recover it at an early stage. This can be done by the best Home Inspector Brampton. We, the golden home inspections situated in Ontario will provide you the best inspections services.

Bramalea, one of the oldest place in the Brampton is situated in the main area of Brampton. This place contains the famous shopping malls, bus terminal, etc. This major area consists of a good amount of population. On one evening of last week, we got a phone call from Bramalea of Brampton. They asked us to conduct a home inspection in their home in which they are living in for the past 12 years.

Yama Nehan, the principal of golden home inspection reached their home within few hours after attending the phone call. He started inspecting the home with the exterior design and continued it all over the home. He completed the inspection with the foundation ie, the basement of the house. Mr.Nehan provided the detailed report about the home and it described that the home is having a problem in its foundation.

You may understand the seriousness of the problem. When a home is having a problem in its foundation, it is no longer fit to live in it. Mr.Nehan's report made the family from Bramalea to get alert and they made use of it. The golden home inspections will always help you to understand the problem in your lovable house. Get all services from the best Home Inspector Brampton. For more details, please visit (

Treat your home like your baby - contact 647-704-7100

Treat your home like your baby - contact 647-704-7100

Hi Friends,

Are you owning a home? Then this article will be very useful for you. Owning a home is same as having a baby. Baby needs more care. It can't say that it needs something. But it is our primary duty to look after the baby. When you concentrate more on your baby, it will become sick and indicate you that it needs more care. A home will also do the same but the difference is the home will take more time to indicate you. It will result in a major damage that needs more money to come out of it. We have to continuously look after our house to overcome these damages. It can be done by the Home Inspection Brampton

A poor family in Downtown Brampton had their small own home. They were living there for more than 10 years. They thought that the home was in worst condition and they want to inspect the home. They searched for the best home inspector in the Downtown Brampton. The Golden Home Inspections which is leading by Mr.Yama Nehan is chosen by the family to perform the home inspection. Mr.Nahen reached the home and started the inspection. He examined each and every inch of the home. After the inspection completed Mr.Nahen provided them a detailed report about the home. The report mentioned that the home is water leakage problem from which the foundation will get affected in few days. This made the family to get alerted and they can take decisions to safeguard their home. 

As I told before, our home is like our baby. The family of Downtown Brampton saved their baby with the help of the Home Inspection Brampton. You can get more services from the golden home inspections. For more details, please visit (

Achieve your dream goal with the help of Home Inspector Brampton for the home in Gore Meadows

Achieve your dream goal with the help of Home Inspector Brampton for the home in Gore Meadows

Good Afternoon Friends,

The ultimate goal of a human being from its birth will be to own a home. Everyone will move his life towards this goal. While purchasing the home, it will be very important to ensure that we are buying a good and perfect property. We can achieve this by getting help from the best Home Inspector Brampton. A good home inspector will help you by indicating the problems in a home and you can get alert before purchasing a home.

A home situated in Gore Meadows of Brampton required service from the golden home inspections. Mr.Yama Nehan, the principal of Golden home inspections reached their home and started inspection from the exterior of the home. He checked every brick of the home. While inspection, he found that the roof had a problem. The cracks in the roof are mentioned in the detailed report given by the Nehan. The report mentioned the problems in the roof.

The owners of the home called the persons who can rectify these problems. The house got the other appearance after repairing it. The goal should be achieved. It is very important. Achieving the goal without any problem is more important. This can be done by the correct home inspections.

The golden home inspections will help you to achieve your goal by purchasing the best home. You can get pre-purchase service from them before purchasing the home. For more details, please visit (

Monday 12 March 2018

Home inspectors learn benefits of drones, robots during annual conference

Home inspectors learn benefits of drones, robots during annual conference

Technology is making its way into many industries including Home Inspection Brampton.

At a conference Friday in Stevens Point, professionals gathered to discuss new ways to incorporate things like drones into their inspections.

The process of using drones and robotic vehicles like the crawl-bot for inspections is making the process safer and more efficient.

Michael Carson of Inspect it Right Home Inspections said conferences like these are important.

"It's important for home inspectors to hands on. You can get education through internet, what not, but it's nothing like getting, being one on one with the peers. Getting the feedback, learning from each other and approaching the house as a whole. it just makes you a better all around home inspector,” Carson explained.

A certified drone pilot was also in attendance discussing the use of drones to inspect high chimneys, roofing systems and other hard to see and reach areas of the home.

Friday 9 March 2018

For Home Inspector Brampton, New Testing Technology Offers Multiple Perks

For Home Inspector Brampton, New Testing Technology Offers Multiple Perks

As property owners become ever more aware of environmental issues in their homes, they are demanding more comprehensive property inspections. Ordinarily, this would represent a challenge to North America’s home inspectors, whose ranks number 18,000, according to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors. But new testing technology is now making it possible for these inspectors to save time—and even potentially to make extra money. How is this possible?

“Consider that most home inspectors traditionally conduct purely mechanical and electrical inspections,” says Greg Sancoff, founder and CEO of Live Pure, a designer and manufacturer of products that assess the quality, health and safety of their indoor environments. “This is often because they lack the confidence or tools to offer a full environmental inspection of a property for a wide range of contaminants.”

This situation has changed with the introduction of the yogi-go™, a portable, easy-to-use indoor air quality test developed by Live Pure that allows home inspectors to deliver more robust services and provide residents peace of mind at the same time.

“This tool takes the time, cost and complexity out of testing,” Sancoff adds. “Our results summary is easy to understand and if any results are elevated, a certified industrial hygienist can be scheduled directly with the prospective buyer—the home inspector simply performs the sampling. And since the sampling is done during the routine inspection, the yogi-go represents an easy way to increase revenue with every inspection.”

The yogi-go includes the yogi sampling instrument, a durable, waterproof carrying case, and a rechargeable 12-volt battery, so no onsite electricity is needed to collect samples. The yogi-go, along with Live Pure’s color-coded sampling media packages, allow inspectors to sample for the presence of up to nine environmental contaminants and toxins across a 2,000-square-foot area in homes—including mold, allergens, radon, lead, asbestos, VOCs and formaldehyde in air, as well as lead and copper in water.

Easy to use so inspectors can test with confidence!

Home inspectors can collect samples in just minutes (radon testing takes 48 hours),

then send the samples to an independent, accredited laboratory. A full lab report and easy-to-understand results summary are then generated so property owners can make an informed decision whether subsequent remediation is necessary.

A complimentary phone consultation with Live Pure’s Certified Industrial Hygienists is also included should a property owner receive a report with high contaminant levels. This unbiased consult equips them with the key information needed to potentially mitigate or address any concerns before buying or selling a property.

If you are living in Canada and searching for a Home Inspector Brampton, then contact Yama Nehan who is the principal of the golden home inspections. He is providing the best services in home inspection.

Ask for references and written contract when you pick Home Inspector Brampton

Ask for references and written contract when you pick Home Inspector Brampton

Completing a Home Inspection Brampton can be a useful step toward selling your house. That’s especially the case if it’s more than a few years old. A home inspector will examine a property’s features and components — such as the foundation, roofing, electrical and plumbing systems — and write a report based upon what they observe.

Home sellers are opting for home inspections because the information can help develop a strategy for selling. If the inspector finds any problems, they can either be repaired before the property is listed or the real estate salesperson can advise potential buyers.

Speaking from personal experience, I found the results of my home inspection to be a big help when it came to planning, and budgeting for necessary repairs after I took possession of my house.

How do you find a competent home inspector? Talk to your salesperson. Your representative is a knowledgeable resource who should be able to recommend a reputable home inspector, as well as other industry professionals, such as appraisers or home stagers. If you haven’t yet signed a listing agreement with a brokerage, you could always ask friends, relatives or co-workers for recommendations.

The home inspection business has been largely unregulated but that’s already starting to change. Last year, the government passed a bill that included the Home Inspection Act. The new law requires that home inspectors be qualified, licensed and insured, and it sets standards for home inspection reports, contracts, disclosures, and the performance of inspections. One of the Act’s main features is that it requires signed contracts between home inspectors and homeowners, and a written report must be delivered after the completion of an inspection.

There are also plans to establish an independent organization to oversee and regulate the home inspection industry.

What sort of questions should you ask a prospective home inspector? Well, you’ll probably want to start by asking about their training, accreditations and work experience, and whether they have examined your type of property. For example, if your property includes a well, septic system, oil tank or any other special feature, it’s a good idea to ask about the inspector’s experience with such items. 

If the main home inspector hasn’t worked with these specialized items, you may wish to ask a second inspector with the right experience to inspect them and ensure they are operating as they should. Similarly, an inspector who has focused mostly on relatively new homes might not have a keen understanding of cottages, or heritage properties.

You could also request references, and ask if they carry both general liability insurance (which is important if anything gets broken or damaged), and errors and omissions insurance in case their inspection overlooks a major problem.

You would be well-advised to ask to take a look at a blank copy of the Home Inspection Brampton report they use, and insist upon a written contract, so there aren’t any surprises later on. Remember to read and understand it thoroughly before you sign.

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Do you want condo inspector Book now our Golden Home Inspections:

Do you want condo inspector Book now our Golden Home Inspections:

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So you have decided to buy a condo because of you want a comfortable lifestyle. Whatever you have decided to purchase the condo is great congrats! But we want to make sure that you thoroughly inspect the condo before you confirm. That's why it's a critical problem to find the condo inspector. We have many years of experienced and trained Condo Inspector Toronto who is licensed inspector that include a report with pictures included.

The condominium inspection is a standard inspection done by qualified professionals. A condo inspection will suggest you make a good decision, the estimated maintenance and cost of repairs. You can ask a question how long will condo inspection take? The inspection depends on the condo size and the detailed report on site and one with images that will be emailed to you within 48 hours of my inspection.

The condo inspection includes the system of the condos plumbing, electrical system, heating and air conditioning system, patio, kitchen, bathrooms, home appliances, walls, doors, ceiling, floor, and windows within the unit. Also, a detailed report is generated and it will hand over to the customers. Our inspector never compels you to buy a condo, simply they will give the structure of your condo and decision is yours. If there is major problem exist during the inspection the buyer may try to negotiate the price with the seller. The buyers are protected by provincial regulations during the warranty period. Make sure that your inspector reviews the recent status certificate to determine the general condition of the building and its potential deficiencies. 

Purchasing condo is a meaningful and big investment for everyone. It is very important to knows as much as you can before making the decision. You can save your time and costly repairs as well as good understanding of the condo's condition by our Condo Inspector Toronto. We services all over Greater Toronto in Canada. Our Golden Home Inspections service not only condo inspection including home inspection and commercial inspection at the affordable price. Don't get delay BOOK NOW on our online website "". 

Get sample inspection report in our Golden Home Inspections:

Get sample inspection report in our Golden Home Inspections:

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Do you know why educated people conduct a home inspection? A home inspection is the best way to decide to buy a new home. If you think it is wast of money then the consequences will be met. Do you know why we do a home inspection? It is a professional evaluation of the condition of a home's materials. 

Mostly determine those materials are at their end of life and check the other signs of deficiency in the home. Commonly, a home inspection is not only focused on design considerations and cosmetic state. Don't consider a warranty or insurance policy, you can get a report about your home. Our Home Inspector Brampton having 10 years experience of home inspection and building construction.

Here’s what makes a home inspection and why it’s important before signing on the dotted line.

1. Roof checks: The inspector never skips the roof check. If there is any damage exists, for example, that may be on the homeowners’ association (HOA) to fix, and it can hike up assessments to cover the cost of repairs.

2. A radar for radon: This odorless, colorless gas can lead to health issue also, this is very important to test before purchasing a home.

3. HOA Minutes: The HOA minutes are your most important tool helps to understand the condition of the building. Make sure you get a full 12 months of meeting minutes. 

4. Knock on wood: Inspecting walls, ceilings, and floors are most important when it comes to home inspections since these areas are often shared with neighbors or common periods in a building. Make sure to check for water damage as well because sometimes there will visible water damage on the ceiling. 

5. Seek out the HVAC: The HVAC unit may not necessarily be located for an individual home, If you have it for some reason then it should be inspected by a licensed HVAC inspector.

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Have an Introduction about the best Home Inspector Brampton for providing you the complete Home Inspection

Have an Introduction about the best Home Inspector Brampton for providing you the complete Home Inspection

Good Morning Friends,

Here I am going to share you the story of my friend who bought a resale home in Brampton. And also I am going to introduce you the best Home Inspector Brampton who provide you the best Home Inspection services. 

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Suddenly I got an idea about home inspections as it is a resale home. Some people told that the home inspectors will destroy the deal. My friend got feared because he liked the home very much and had a great desire to own it. He is innocent to know about the strength of the home and he believed the broker who brought this deal to him. I was not ready to allow him to purchase before a home inspection. 

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Yama Nehan came to the home and started inspection with the structure of the home. He continued it with the floor, Exterior, interior walls, and roofs of the home. He examined each and every brick of the home. He also checked the strongness of doors and windows. He made an overview of Electrical Wirings, Plumbing connections, etc. Finally, he gave a detailed report that explains the features of the home. 

He mentioned some small repairs in the home and it passed in his report which made us Happy. After making the repairs that Yama Nehan mentioned, my friend shifted to the home. We were very thankful to Mr. Yama Nehan because his report gave us an assurance about the home. 

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Home Inspector’s Checklist for 2018

Home Inspector’s Checklist for 2018

If you are planning to buy a house or if you’re going to sell yours, there are certain things that you need to be aware of.

A smart buyer/seller must ensure that the house they’re going to buy or sell is in good condition. Therefore,for improving the chances of buying or selling a worthy property inspecting it is a must. We can get help from a Home Inspector Brampton.

Today, I am going to go over some of the most important things you need to look for in a house.

1.    No Evidence of Standing Water.

There should be no standing water in the perimeter of the house. For those of you who do not know, the term standing water refers to a pool of water that doesn’t flow and thus stuck in that area.
2.    No Leaks from Septic Tank or Leach Field.

Inspect the Septic Tank to ensure that there are no leaks because leakage can cause a lot of problems. Also, inspect the Leach Field to make sure that it doesn’t have leaks as well.
3.    No Damage on Exterior Structures.

Look at the immediate exteriors of the house. Look at the fences, the walls, the doors, the garage and see if there are things that need to be repaired. All of them should be in good condition. None of them should suffer from termite damage or that the wood hasn’t suffered from rotting.
4.    Railings on Stairs and Decks are Adequate and Secure.

For the stairs, it must have a strong railing. If it is made of wood, it has to have a paint and have it furnished. Inspect if there are any damages. For metal railings, see if there are any rusts or damages and have it repaired or replaced. Have it painted for a nice look.
5.    Downspout Drainage Directed Away from Structure.

Make sure that the downspout drainage (a pipe that directs rainwater from a gutter) is not directed to the house, but rather on the ground.


1.    Flashing Around Roof Penetrations.

If the structure has roof penetrations (like Chimneys), there should be some flashing installed so that it will become weatherproof.

2.    No Evidence of Roofing Cement/Tar/Caulk.

See if there are any excess of roofing cement, tar, or caulk and have it removed (if there are any).

3.    Soffits and Fascia.

Both of them are mounted under a roof and they should be free from any decay or stains.

4.    Flat Roofs.

See to it that there are no obvious patches, cracks, or splits. Blisters are permissible, but they have to be very minimal. If you see significant damage on the roof, use waterproof tarps as a temporary cover before it is fixed for good.
5.    Gutters.

This should be installed properly and securely to the structure. There should be no signs of sagging and there should be no areas missing. Lastly, it should be cleaned thoroughly and if there are mud deposits, they have to be removed as well.

Windows, Doors, and Wood Trim

1.    Wood Frames and Trim Pieces are Secure.

It should be free from any cracks, rotting, or decay.

2.    Joints Around Frames are Caulked.

It should be Sealed tightly.

3.    No Broken Glass.

Windows and Storm panes should be free from damage. Screen should also be scot-free and window seals should have proper insulation.

4.    Drip Caps Installed Over Windows.

Drip Caps allow water to run down the window, therefore, the water will not get behind it. See to it that it is properly and securely installed.


1.    Sides of the House.

They should appear straight, nothing should be bowed or sagging. If there are any signs of sagging, inspect to see if it’s caused by a damaged floor and have it repaired immediately to avoid further damage.

2.    Windows and Door Frames.

They should appear square that provides a nice look.

3.    Foundation in Good Condition.

Inspect that the foundation of the house is in very good condition. It should be straight and it should be devoid of any significant cracks.


1.    Visible Wiring.

This should be in very good condition. It should be using a more modern type of wiring. Thus, it shouldn’t be using the old “knob-and-tube” wiring (although, some houses still use it for their attics). Make it appoint to remove any exposed splices. Lastly, the cables should be secured and it should be protected from the elements (especially from water).

2.    Service Panel.

The Electrical Service Panel is a board with all of the wires attached from the electric post towards your home. This is where you control the electricity in your house. Inspect and see if it has adequate capacity and the components should not be overheating. The cable connectors should be in good condition as well as the fuse and the circuit breakers. If you see that something is amiss, you have to call the help of an electrician or have it serviced by your electric company.

3.    Branch Circuits.

See if it is using copper wires with the correct amperage. You should never use aluminum cables for branch circuits!

Heating/Cooling System

1.    Should be in Good Condition.

Whether you’re using an insulator or a cooling system like an air conditioner, it should provide adequate airflow. Have them cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that the airflow is at its optimal efficiency.

2.    Flues.

Otherwise known as the Flue Pipe, they should be correctly installed with no open seams. It should slope up correctly to the chimney connection. The purpose of Flues is to exhaust any exhaust gases produced by the chimney or your home insulation system.

3.    Cooling Unit.

For the unit, it should be devoid of any rust as it can prove to be dangerous to your health. If rusts are present, be sure to have it repaired or have its parts replaced. Also, make sure that it is working in great condition.

4.    No Combustion Gas Odor.

See to it that your insulation system is not emitting any combustive gas odor. If there are signs of the odor being present in the vicinity, have it repaired or serviced.

5.    Ensure that Filters are Clean.

The air filters in your house should be clean so that dust will not build up, otherwise, it will be causing more harm than good.

6.    Ductwork.

The Ductwork is responsible for the distribution of airflow from your cooling or heating unit. Therefore, it is important that it is in good working condition.

7.    No Asbestos.

 Asbestos was used before in heating pipes, but it was found that it can be hazardous to your health. You see, Asbestos is a group of naturally occurring mineral fibers that are mostly found in rocks. They were widely used before, so you might spot them on older homes. However, its use is already uncommon in modern homes because of health risks due to the accidental inhalation of Asbestos. Therefore, you should inspect and see if there are any Asbestos on heating pipes, air ducts, and water pipes. If there are any, have them removed and replaced.

8.    Separate Flues.

There should be separate flue pipes for all gas applications and wood/coal systems.

If you’re a Home Inspector Brampton, the above checklist is a godsend. But, for the most part, just seeing that everything is in good and working condition is already a huge plus.

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