Wednesday 28 March 2018

Condo Inspector Toronto at Lawrence Park - Radon Test

Condo Inspector Toronto at Lawrence Park - Radon Test

Good Morning friends! Lawrence Park is pretty, so we like that. It consists of green space, and neighborly qualities of the  area, which is very expensive, many of the local children go to nearby private schools and it's not uncommon for residents to  have second or third out of city properties that they escape to warmer or cooler months. Our Condo Inspector Toronto  performed an inspection to the new condo one of our clients. 

Here I am going to share about how to test the radon in that condo by our inspector.Radon is a radioactive gas which can make  a cancer problem. Basically, radon produced from the natural breakdown of uranium in the soil, rock, and water and gets into  the air you breathe. This radon entering into the air and get into your home through cracks, expansion joints and holes in  the foundation. Although we never see and smell radon, it creates a problem in your home. According to a surgeon of the  United States has explained that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer. Most common type of radon testing devices  is passive devices which include short-term devices such as charcoal canisters and long-term devices such as alpha-track  detectors also these type of devices are inexpensive. A short-term test takes 2 to 90 days and the long-term test takes 90  days. Cost of the radon test is not expensive. 

Nowadays many condo buyers ask if they should test for radon during the inspection. If you want to do radon test in your  condo we recommend our Toronto Condo Inspector . Mr. Yama and his team inspect your condo with various tools and techniques  with affordable price and submit the detailed report. For more information please refer the website  "".


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