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High Quality Home Inspection Service

High Quality Home Inspection

Your home inspection will be conducted by inspectors with many years of practical building experience in construction, renovations, and restorations.Golden Home Inspections offers Professional service and it will give you peace-of-mind.To know more visit

Thursday 28 December 2017

Home Inspection - Home Inspection In Mississauga -

Home Inspection - Home Inspection In Mississauga -

When you go about hiring a professional for a home inspection before putting your property on the market, you’ll want to  choose Home Inspector Mississauga, who has the professional qualifications. During these inspections, the professional will  search your property from top to bottom for signs of damage or flaws.

Even after living in a property for many years, you may not notice structural damage or hidden pest problems. Although your  home may look brand new, there could be secret problems that could lead to much larger issues down the road. This could  include defects within the walls, in the foundations, roof, or plumbing systems. Because these are areas that you rarely  inspect on your own as a homeowner, it takes a professional home inspector eye to locate and assess these damages.

The Added Security of a Home Inspection

If there are hidden flaws in your home’s foundation or structure that you don’t know about, the last thing you want is for  your inspector to be the first one to find them. By arranging for your own home inspection first, you can help prevent any  unpleasant surprises during the negotiating period. Otherwise, your sale could fall through, or the buyer will ask you to  lower the price or arrange for repairs. This could cost you the sale entirely or cost you money, neither of which is ideal.   Maintenance that is completed on the buyer’s terms could be quite expensive because the buyer will most likely try to mark up  these costs to their own benefit. They may negotiate that something needs to be replaced when it probably could have just  been restored at a fraction of the price.

Therefore, the major advantage of conducting a home inspection is that you can retain control of the selling and negotiation  process. By identifying problems early and on your own terms, you can fix them to your financial advantage. You’ll have the  time to shop around to find the best deal on home repairs, rather than agreeing to the buyer’s terms to have repairs  completed by a settlement. With the help of  Mississauga Home Inspector , you may find ways to fix problems on your own.

The Financial Advantage of Pre-Inspections

It’s true that pre-inspections do require some investment, but they can increase the value of your home in the long run and  give you some edge over your competition. If you are able to produce a report that certifies your house as pest-free and  without any need for maintenance, this will help attract buyers. This may save the buyer the cost of arranging their own  inspection, and helps ensure an overall smoother closing process. Buyers may have greater confidence in making an offer on  your property because they will have an official document from an unbiased third party certifying its true condition and  value.

All of this can instill positive feelings in the buyer towards your property. Taking the time to conduct a pre-inspection  shows the buyers that you are being transparent and have nothing to hide. They may have greater comfort in purchasing a   strong investment. On your end, a pre-inspection gives you the peace of mind knowing that there won’t be any last-minute  surprises to derail the sale.

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Infrared thermal imaging is an advanced, non-invasive technology that allows the inspector to show clients things about their  homes or buildings that can’t be revealed using conventional inspection methods. For something as specialized as a thermal imaging inspection, it’s critical that the information presented meets the clients’ needs for information they can use and  act on.

The art of an IR inspection is to interpret the results as accurately and reasonably as possible such that the client is  given actionable information in order to proceed with necessary repairs.

Home Inspector Brampton explain the limitations of thermal imaging, including the fact that, as with any type of inspection,   it can’t predict future conditions.  However, a roof that is experiencing moisture intrusion which has been detected through  thermal imaging will very likely lead to serious structural issues, if left unaddressed.

Explain the capabilities of thermal imaging and how it can benefit. An infrared inspection can identify and document moisture  intrusion, energy loss, and even unexpected hot spots.

In terms of energy loss, an IR camera can detect:

* Heat loss and air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, windows, and  doors.
* Damaged and/or malfunctioning radiant heating systems.
* Air-conditioner compressor leaks.
* Under-fastening and/or missing framing members, and other structural defects that can lead to energy loss and
* Broken seals in double-paned windows.

In terms of detecting moisture intrusion, an IR camera can locate:

* Plumbing Leaks
* Hidden roof leaks before they cause serious damage;
* Missing, damaged and/or wet insulation and
* Water and moisture intrusion around penetrations and at the foundation and building envelope that could lead to structural  damage and mold.

IR cameras are equally effective at locating hot spots in the home, including:

* Circuit breakers in need of immediate replacement
* Overloaded and undersized circuits
* Overheated electrical equipment and components
* Electrical faults before they cause a fire.

Additionally, based on the color gradients that thermal images provide, Brampton Home Inspector  can locate the issues   effectively. A Home Inspector is a professional who will conduct an inspection of the general condition of the home.  A   golden home inspection will assist a buyer in understanding exactly what they are about to acquire. A home may look move-in   ready, but  an inspector will cover features of the house such as electrical wiring, plumbing, roofing, insulation, as well   as structural  features of the home and may unveil issues that are not noticeable to the buyer’s eye.  As a buyer, you are   making a vast investment, and it is important to understand exactly what you are purchasing. To know more about home   inspection visit

Home Inspection Brampton - Pre-Listing Inspection - Good For Seller & Buyer

Home Inspection Brampton - Pre-Listing Inspection - Good For Seller & Buyer

Home inspections have the power to send all parties back to the negotiation table. As such, some sellers are taking the  precautionary step of having an inspection done before listing the home for sale. Home Inspection Brampton professionals say  that having a home inspection prior to listing can offer several benefits ...

At the time of Pre-listing home inspection, the inspector checks the home’s electrical system, plumbing, heating and air  conditioning systems, appliances, foundation, attic, and roof etc.... The entire process takes about two to three hours, but  you should encourage sellers to be present and walk through the property with the inspector.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

One benefit of a pre-listing inspection is that sellers can see for themselves which items need repairing, and at this point  they can decide whether now’s the best time to list the property for sale.

A pre-listing inspection also lets sellers complete repairs at their own pace. They have time to shop around and get quotes   from different contractors, which results in a less stressful process. On other hand, when there’s already an offer on the   table, the seller may only have 30 days to fix items on a buyer’s inspection report. The sooner they complete the repairs,   the sooner they can close on the property.

If your seller clients get a pre-listing inspection and make needed repairs based on their report, make sure they retain a   copy of the report and receipts for repairs. In cases where a pre-listing inspection took place within a few months of  receiving an offer, your seller can provide the buyer with a copy of his inspection report, along with receipts for these  repairs.

This information may suffice for some buyers, and they won’t get their own inspection. Other buyers, however, will want their  own home inspection completed.

A pre-listing inspection is also beneficial because sellers can determine an asking price that better reflects the condition  of the property. If the home needs several repairs and your seller doesn't have the available cash, he can list the house at  a lower price to compensate for these repairs. Once there's an interested buyer, your seller can disclose issues with the  property, and then explain that the price reflects these flaws.

A pre-listing inspection, Brampton Home Inspection  can help identify any issues with the home early on and potentially sell  the home faster. Are you searching for the professional home inspection service then contact golden home inspection  professionals on 647-704-7100.

Home Inspector Toronto - - Contact 647-704-7100

Home Inspector Toronto - - Contact 647-704-7100

Golden Home Inspection Services has been providing the best home inspection service With over ten year's experience in the  home inspection and construction industry, Home Inspector Toronto have the expertise to provide you with a home inspection  that will educate you to manage your home repairs and prevent you from experiencing escalating costs down the road.

Our inspections include a visual examination of the structural, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating and water systems,   as well as all areas of the building including but not limited to the roof, attic and basement and conform to the National   Association of Home Inspectors’ (NACHI) Standards of Practice. We will not perform any invasive damage to your property. Our   Inspections are between two to four hours long and at the end, we provide you with a hard copy report or email you one with  pictures your choice.







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Toronto Home Inspector  also provide general maintenance information on most components. This will help improve safety and  extend the life expectancy of the major systems.

Why Home Inspector Toronto for your Inspection Needs?

* Certified and Registered Inspector

* Professional Knowledge

* Qualified Inspectors

* Professional Experience

Our inspections include a visual examination of the structural, electrical, plumbing, ventilation, heating and water systems,   as well as all areas of the building including but not limited to the roof, attic and basement and conform to the National Association of Home Inspectors’ (NACHI) Standards of Practice. We will not perform any invasive damage to your property. Our  Inspections are between two to four hours long and at the end, we provide you with a hard copy report or email you one with  pictures your choice. To Know more about service visit

What are the effective services provided by

What are the effective services provided by

A Home inspection is a visual examination of the current condition of a property. Knowing the condition of a property's major   systems and its structural components can be a powerful tool. As the Seller, this knowledge can help you identify the areas   of your property that need attention prior to listing and can help you determine a fair selling price. As the Buyer, it can   help you avoid costly surprises down the road and may also be used as a negotiating tool that will facilitate a reduction in   the price of a property. By conducting a Home Inspection Toronto you can be reassured that you are making a good investment.

Inspection Services offered by Golden Home Inspections

Whether you’re a new home buyer, buying or selling a resale home, purchaser of commercial property or want to check the   conditions of your existing home, Golden Home Inspections is here to serve you. We conduct home inspections for the following   purposes:

1. Pre-listing Inspection (Before you list your home for sale)

2. Pre-purchase Inspection (Before you purchase a home usually a condition of your agreement of purchase and sale)

3. Pre-delivery home Inspection (To verify new home phase completions and pre-delivery)

4. Renovation Construction Deficiency Inspections

5. Walk Through Inspections

6. Preventive, Seasonal, or Maintenance Property Inspections

7. New Home Phase Inspections

8. Infrared Thermal Inspections

9. Lead Inspections

10.Mold Inspections

11.Asbestos Inspections

12.Air Quality test And Water Quality Tests (To check the air and water quality of your home)

13.Radon Gas Inspections or Radon Testing.

At Golden Home Inspections, We also conduct inspections of the following properties:

* Apartment buildings

* Commercial properties

* Industrial buildings

Whether you're buying or selling a home, having a
Toronto Home Inspection  from a golden home inspection company will give you  the peace of mind and assist you in a fair and smooth transaction. Are you buying or selling a home, conducting professional  home inspections is the most important for to know the current condition of the home. For Professional home inspection needs  call us on 647-704-7100.

Wednesday 27 December 2017

We Perform Home Inspectionat a Reasonable Price

We Perform  Home Inspectionat a Reasonable Price

A Home Inspection means an opinion as to the condition of a dwelling based primarily on a non-invasive examination of readily accessible features and components of the dwelling.we perform  home inspectionat a  reasonable price.Do you need a Professional Home Inspection Service? contact us 647-704-7100

Tuesday 26 December 2017

We See What You Do Not See

We See What You Do Not See

If you want to right & affordable home inspection service for your Home Inspection call 647-704-7100 and get details from our Golden Home Inspections experts or visit

Monday 25 December 2017

Providing Safe Home Through Our Inspection Service

Providing Safe Home Through Our Inspection Service

A general home inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the accessible areas of a residential property (as delineated below), performed for a fee, which is designed to identify defects within specific systems and components defined by these Standards that are both observed and deemed material by the inspector.To know more visit

Saturday 23 December 2017

Providing Continuous & Professional Service

Providing Continuous & Professional Service

"Home inspection" means a visual examination of any or all of the readily accessible physical real property and improvements to real property consisting of four or fewer dwelling units, including structural, lot drainage, roof, electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning and such other areas of concern as are specified in writing to determine if performance is as intended. so inspect your home with Golden Home inspection.Do you need a Professional Home Inspection Service? contact us 647-704-7100.

A Licensed Home Inspector To Inspect Your Home Condition

A Licensed Home Inspector To Inspect Your Home Condition

A home inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector involves a walk-through of all areas of your home or building in order to note its present condition and deficiencies. Often, home inspections are conducted as a condition of an agreement of purchase and sale. Do you need a professional home inspection service call us on 647-704-7100

Thursday 21 December 2017

Right & Perfect Condo Inspection For You

Right & Perfect Condo Inspection For You

A home inspection is a complete evaluation of the visible and accessible systems and components of a home. It is intended to give the home buyer a better understanding of a homes overall general condition. Experience a condo inspection for your peace of mind. To know more visit

Book a Home Inspection With Brampton Home Inspector today!

Book a Home Inspection With Brampton Home Inspector today!

Home inspectors assess the electrical, heating, plumbing and structural systems in houses. Often  these inspections require the use of survey instruments, metering devices and test equipment. Inspectors keep daily logs, provide written documentation of findings and take photographs of inspections, which they keep with theirl ogs.Book a home inspection with Brampton Home Inspector today!

Complete Home Inspection

Complete Home Inspection

Home inspection are an instrumental part of the home-buying process that can save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Experience a quality home inspection with golden home inspections....Before you finalize your house purchase, be sure the house is in good condition.Do You Need A professional Home Inspection Service? visit

Tuesday 19 December 2017

Best Home Inspection For Your Home

Best Home Inspection For Your Home

A Home Inspection is a visual, non-invasive examination of the major components of a house that are easily accessible.The golden home inspections report will cover the condition of the home's heating system, central air conditioning system, interior plumbing and electrical systems, the roof, attic and visible insulation, walls, ceilings etc...

Monday 18 December 2017

Providing Safe Home Through Our Inspection Service

Providing Safe Home Through Our Inspection Service

When a house is bought or sold, a home inspection is a necessary procedure that alerts both home owners and buyers to the condition of the property. If you are selling a home, it is important to have an inspection conducted so that you will be aware of any potential issues with the home you are selling. If you are buying a home, you should have a separate inspection conducted to be sure there are no hidden issues, and to negotiate the contract with potential repairs or problems in mind.Golden Home Inspection is the best choice for inspect your home. Our home inspectors describes the current condition of the home at the time of inspection. To know more details visit

Saturday 16 December 2017

All Encompassing Examination Condition Of a Home

All Encompassing Examination Condition Of a Home

A home inspection is an all-encompassing examination of the condition of a home. A home inspection is essential for any home property purchase. A home is one of the most important purchases one will ever make. A Golden home inspection is an important way to discover the universal condition of a home. It is important to conduct a home inspection to avoid a costly mistake by purchasing a property in need of major repairs. Protect yourself by getting the information that you need to make an educated decision. To know more call us on 

Wednesday 13 December 2017

Perfect Home Inspection Service For Your Home

Perfect Home Inspection Service For Your Home
If you want to right & affordable home inspection service for your Home Inspection call 647-704-7100 and get details from our Golden Home Inspections experts or visit

Tuesday 12 December 2017

What to Expect From Your Home Inspection Report?

What to Expect From Your Home Inspection Report?

Most people have no idea what a home inspection report looks like, so this post can be a good way to reassure them and help them plan for the future. If you’re creative, you can upload an actual black-and-white report for a fictional homeowner named mr or mrs, but you can also keep it simple by just walking your visitors through a typical report.The Home Inspector Toronto gives this formal reports questions of home inspection.

*What kind of notes do you leave?
*What kind of ideas, issues, suggestions and variables are shared?
*What can they do with the report after receiving it?

At Golden Home Inspections, your home inspection will be conducted by inspectors with many years of practical building experience in construction, renovations, and restorations. We know what to look for when it comes to home deficiencies. This gives us the edge over someone who has just finished an inspections training course, but has no practical knowledge of the Ontario Building Codeor has never even hammered a nail.

Golden Home Inspections is a proud member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors (NACHI), the largest and most respected inspection association in North America!!

With over ten years’ experience in the home inspection and construction industry, I have the expertise to provide you with a home inspection that will educate you to manage your home repairs and prevent you from experiencing escalating costs down the road.

Using the latest technology tools, I prepare a home inspection report on site and one with images that will be emailed to you within 48 hours of my inspection.

Always professional and courteous, Golden Home Inspections will provide you with a no-nonsense quality home inspection that will help inform you to make the right decisions regarding your home repairs.For more details of Toronto Home Inspector to click on their website(


Top 10 Issues To Remedy Before Marketing Your home inspections

Top 10 Issues To Remedy Before Marketing Your home inspections

If you're starting to think about selling your home, you'll want to be proactive in your preparations for getting the house ready so that you can get top dollar for your investment. You can count on the potential buyer to have a Home Inspection Brampton done on the home, so plan ahead and address these top 10 issues before you even put the house on the market. 

These things won't hit your wallet hard if you take care of them in advance, but they are the types of issues that fuel negotiations and lower selling prices when found on buyer inspection reports!

1. Smoke Detectors: Be sure that the home has functioning smoke detectors installed in all of the important places! You'll need one in every bedroom and each hallway or access point into every bedroom or sleeping area. It is recommended that you have at least one smoke detector on every level of the home. These should usually be installed on the ceiling of the room or hallway.

2. Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Similar to smoke detectors, you will need a functioning carbon monoxide, or CO, detector outside each sleeping area. You must have one on every level of the home. Unlike smoke from a fire which rises, carbon monoxide mixes with air and can behave in a manner almost like pooling water, creating a pocket of toxic gas in a specific room or area of the house. There are various theories in regard to placement of a CO detector in a room, but most seem to agree that placing your CO detector three to five feet off the floor, and away from any furniture obstructions, is best. 

3. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter: You will want to have Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) units installed in all bathrooms, the kitchen, outside receptacles, and garage receptacles. These devices help protect against electrocution by monitoring the electrical current flow and cutting it off if triggered. 

4. Window Screens: You will want to be sure that all window screens are securely installed.

5. Nail Heads: You will want to caulk all nail heads on roof vents, plumbing vents, and roof flashing to prevent moisture intrusion. 

6. Water Heater: Be sure that your home's water heater has seismic straps properly installed to protect against damage in the event of an earthquake. 

7. Outdoor Vegetation: Trim all outside vegetation away from contacting the sides of the house.

8. Clearance to Major Systems/Spaces: Be sure that there is safe and proper access clearance to your electrical panel, water heater, furnace, and into the attic and/or crawlspace. 

9. Aesthetics: Be sure to repair any areas of chipped or peeling paint, trim work, the deck, etc. These may seem trivial, but will be noted in a Brampton Home Inspection and would likely become a point for the buyer to negotiate on price. 

10. Windows: Repair or replace any fogged or failed/broken windows. Again, these can easily become a point for lowering the purchase price on a home.

Details Home Inspections in Vancouver Washington provides sellers with peace of mind through Pre-Listing Seller's Inspections. 

If you're preparing to sell your home, consider giving Brian a call at 647-704-7100 or contact him online to schedule an appointment. Brian is a certified professional home inspector with Details Home Inspections and is highly experienced. You'll receive a detailed and unbiased report of all inspection findings which can help you prepare your home to sell at the best price possible! For more details to click on their website(


Pre-purchase Home inspection - Home Inspection Mississauga – Why you shouldn’t avoid it

 Pre-purchase Home inspection - Home Inspection Mississauga – Why you shouldn’t avoid it

Home Inspection is an often needed service, especially if you are considering buying a new home. While a home inspection  report has become a must-have report before the real estate escrow is closed between the buyer and seller, not many people go  into the cause or details of home inspection reports. Why do you need home inspection reports? Is it just for your  satisfaction at the time of buying a new home for your family or is there any other tangible benefit out of it? Home  Inspection Mississauga is the best choice for conducting the pre-purchase home inspection.

A pre-purchase home inspection forms an important part of the home buying process. Forgoing an inspection can cut down costs  and fast-tracks the process, one cannot deny the fact that it is essential to ensure a safe home ownership.

Let us examine a few important areas covered under a home inspection, and why they are necessary.

Keeping an eye on structural issues:

The life of a building depends upon its structural rigidity. Over a period of time, unattended weak pillars, roofing or walls  could give in to stress and collapse, thereby causing injury or a fatal emergency. What could seem to you as a negligible  crack on a wall, can be a potential hazard that could bring the roof down. You can do away with all of that by taking the  service of home inspection Mississauga experts. They can spot defects, find the level of damage and at times, can assess the  costs involved in bringing the house back to shape.

Checking for electrical wiring and HVAC systems:

An Inspection of the electrical and HVAC systems is important to create a safe environment for you and your family. Testing  power sockets, wiring safety, circuit breakers (which protect you from electrical accidents), HVAC configuration and  potential leak hazard assessments are few of the areas covered under this audit. Besides ensuring safety, this will also help  you in managing your energy consumption effectively. And at times, home inspectors can provide you with a basic dos and  don’ts on electrical maintenance as well.

Checking for plumbing & fire safety:

From overhead tanks to hand-wash faucets, the home inspector will check for visible cracks, rusts or corrosion. Unattended  leakage of water over a period of time could corrode wooden structures and destroy furniture. Besides being an eyesore,  damaged wooden flooring or furniture can also cause accidents. With fire safety, inspection helps in taking note of emergency  equipment in place. Depending on the size of the house, smoke alarms or fire extinguishers have to be installed. Check with  the inspector and be sure that the fire safety equipment conforms to the fire standards of your civic authority.

Identifying unsafe areas of a home:

Besides assessing the aforementioned areas for safety, Mississauga Home Inspection will also reveal certain places or parts  of the home that are potentially hazardous. These can include loose window panes, slippery stairs, weakened gas lines etc.  Overlooking such dangerous components can cost you a lot financially and emotionally in the event of a mishap.

It can be quite tempting to save a little money by opting out of a pre-purchase building inspection. But by spending a few  hundred dollars on inspection you can secure the biggest investment of your life in a better way. You might have become  emotionally attached to a particular home and would have started dreaming of your future in it. But it is always safer to  conduct Mississauga Home Inspection and keep yourself clear of any potential emergencies. The feeling of living in your own  home is great. But the feeling of owning a home that is safe and sound is even greater.For more details to click on their website(

Condo Inspection - Helps You Get the True Condition of the Condo

Condo Inspection - Helps You Get the True Condition of the Condo

A condominium kind of home is pretty different from other types of home constructions because as an owner you have only one  unit for yourself in the entire building, which means you would have to share space or common areas with other people living  in the same building. Condo owners have to follow th rules laid down by the building's association of home owners, to ensure  comfortable residential life. Since this is the primary principle governing condominiums residences, it is highly important  that you get a condo inspection done, before venturing into a condo purchase.

A Condo Inspection Toronto will inform you about the true condition of the condo. The inspection should be done by a condo  home examiner so that you get true findings on the actual state or condition of the condo. Factors that need to be checked  are the walls, the flooring, the ceiling, the pipes, and the drainage. Often owners will try to conceal issues by carpeting  or through wall painting. By getting a licensed and experience inspector to do the evaluation, you can find out if there is a  problem in any of these sectors and thereby safeguard yourself from buying a property, in which you would be spending a lot  of money on repairs and maintenance.

If you wish to get a proper condo inspection done, it is vital that you get the services of a Toronto Condo Inspection. The  inspector you select should be able to show you credentials in the form of certifications. Ask the examiner about their years  of experience and if they are part of any association as this proves their credibility and the fact that you get an accurate  picture of the property's condition. A good home superintendent will carefully examine each part of the condo and bring out  areas which have problems, the extent of the problem, what kind of repair work is necessary and so on.For more details to click on their website(


Home Inspector Mississauga - - For Professional Home Inspection Needs

Home Inspector Mississauga - -  For Professional Home Inspection Needs

Nearly all home buyers hire a Home Inspector Mississauga to take a close look at their new house before closing. You can  speed things along by analyzing the condition of your home and making necessary repairs now, before the house is under  contract. Golden home inspections cover numerous systems within the house, but there are a handful of hot-spots that concern  buyers the most.

Mold and Mildew at the Home Inspection

Mildew stains and odors scare buyers, especially because toxic black mold is such a hot topic.

You likely won't even get an acceptable offer if mold and mildew are present. Even if the mold in your house is the normal  variety, treat it and address the source of the problem. If it comes up in the Professional home inspection, the buyer might  demand professional mold remediation, and that can cost thousands.

Damp Basements and Crawlspaces

Mildew odors signal that a basement is too moist. Buyers and home inspectors will look closely at the walls and floors for  patches of mildew and signs of dampness. The inspector might use a moisture meter to determine how much moisture is present  in these spaces, because moisture deteriorates building materials and attracts insects.

Roof and Chimney

Deteriorated shingles or other roof coverings are one of the first things home buyers and home inspectors notice. If the  elements underneath the shingles are moist or rotted, repairs will likely be requested. Some states require a separate roof  inspection.
Inadequate or Inferior Electrical Systems

The electrical panel and circuit breaker configuration should be adequate for the needs of the house.

The Mississauga Home Inspector will look for receptacles with ground fault circuit interrupters (GFI) in all areas of the  home. These receptacles contain mini-circuit breakers that click off during a short circuit or overload. The home inspector  will likely make sure the receptacles are what they appear to be, and not "dummies" that aren't wired correctly.

The inspector will test a portion of the remaining receptacles in the house.

Other Important Home Inspection Checks

1) The home inspector will check the heating and cooling systems, making sure they work and commenting about their  efficiency.

2) The home inspector will take a close look at the structure and foundation.

3) The Mississauga home inspector will check appliances that remain with the house, including smoke detectors and carbon  monoxide detectors.

Before the Home Inspection

Do everything you can to get the house in good condition before you attempt to sell it. Home inspectors make note of  everything they see. All homes have defects.

Remember that the home inspection report is not a wish-list for buyers. Read your contract carefully; it dictates which  systems should be in good working order at closing. If the roof is older, but doesn't leak, it's in good working condition.  The same is true for older appliances.

Your contract may also state that you are under no obligation to make any repairs at all, although the buyers can then likely  withdraw from the contract.

Don't let your home purchase experience become more stressful than it has to be. You can make the experience a lot more  pleasant and have greater peace of mind with a professional home inspection like You don't want  to have to look back later and regret not having hired a professional home inspector because of a major defect that was not  discovered before the final purchase.