Thursday 28 December 2017

Home Inspection Brampton - Pre-Listing Inspection - Good For Seller & Buyer

Home Inspection Brampton - Pre-Listing Inspection - Good For Seller & Buyer

Home inspections have the power to send all parties back to the negotiation table. As such, some sellers are taking the  precautionary step of having an inspection done before listing the home for sale. Home Inspection Brampton professionals say  that having a home inspection prior to listing can offer several benefits ...

At the time of Pre-listing home inspection, the inspector checks the home’s electrical system, plumbing, heating and air  conditioning systems, appliances, foundation, attic, and roof etc.... The entire process takes about two to three hours, but  you should encourage sellers to be present and walk through the property with the inspector.

Benefits of a Pre-Listing Inspection

One benefit of a pre-listing inspection is that sellers can see for themselves which items need repairing, and at this point  they can decide whether now’s the best time to list the property for sale.

A pre-listing inspection also lets sellers complete repairs at their own pace. They have time to shop around and get quotes   from different contractors, which results in a less stressful process. On other hand, when there’s already an offer on the   table, the seller may only have 30 days to fix items on a buyer’s inspection report. The sooner they complete the repairs,   the sooner they can close on the property.

If your seller clients get a pre-listing inspection and make needed repairs based on their report, make sure they retain a   copy of the report and receipts for repairs. In cases where a pre-listing inspection took place within a few months of  receiving an offer, your seller can provide the buyer with a copy of his inspection report, along with receipts for these  repairs.

This information may suffice for some buyers, and they won’t get their own inspection. Other buyers, however, will want their  own home inspection completed.

A pre-listing inspection is also beneficial because sellers can determine an asking price that better reflects the condition  of the property. If the home needs several repairs and your seller doesn't have the available cash, he can list the house at  a lower price to compensate for these repairs. Once there's an interested buyer, your seller can disclose issues with the  property, and then explain that the price reflects these flaws.

A pre-listing inspection, Brampton Home Inspection  can help identify any issues with the home early on and potentially sell  the home faster. Are you searching for the professional home inspection service then contact golden home inspection  professionals on 647-704-7100.

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