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Buying a Condo As an Investment Property - Pros and Cons

Buying a Condo As an Investment Property - Pros and Cons

If you're like the majority, you want your economic destiny to be better than your present, or as a minimum no longer worse. So, you set cash apart and think about ways to make it develop. The options seem endless, however you've selected real estate as your investment area, and you're thinking about condos.

Condos have several benefits over single family of relatives houses or 2-four unit buildings. And numerous dangers. In my conversations with people beings who have invested in condos, few were aware about all of them. So right here they are.

Advantages of buying a condo & Condo Inspector Toronto as an investment belongings


Maintenance desires to be carried out on all homes. Condos, in particular condos which can be professionally controlled, offer a few alleviation to condo traders.

You don't need to fear approximately roof, stairs, landscaping and such. The affiliation takes care of them. For a fee, it is real, but you do not need to do them.
Some of the issues inside the unit also can be looked after by means of the complex upkeep crew. That varies from condominium affiliation to condo affiliation. And they price you for it, but you don't must drop everything else and run to your condo due to the fact the sink's leaking.

Some condos are very costly. However, homes of similar size within the equal neighborhood cost more. So, you may purchase an investment belongings in a better neighborhood. Also, in most regions, there is no such issue as a 1-bedroom residence, however there are 1-bed room, or maybe no bedroom, condo gadgets. And, generally, there are peoples willing to lease them.


Amenities range from condo affiliation to condo association. But it's possible to put money into a condo found in a complicated that has swimming pool, 24-hour safety, and such things.

The disadvantages of buying a condo as an investment


You should comply with guidelines that aren't yours. Each association has its own policies. And the regulations can trade. One of the regulations which can change is whether tenants are permitted or no longer. If you own a condominium and the affiliation votes no extra tenants, while your lease is up, you either move in or promote. Your affiliation would possibly determine to go together with the 'no greater tenants' rule at a time when selling is not a awesome replacement.

Or, worse, they determine to allow too many leases. Too many tenants can make getting a loan hard (FHA and others do no longer like condo associations where extra than 10% of the units are rented.) which makes reselling your funding difficult, not to say refinancing it.

Shared selection making

Yes, you could make certain you have got some thing to say about choices and get yourself elected on the board of directors; nevertheless, you are not the only choice maker.

Association expenses

You need to pay the same quantity whether your unit is rented or vacant. In other words, you get to pay the identical quantity whether you operate or not the services (for example, the water invoice portion of your evaluation).

Special checks

When you acquire your condo unit, there were no unique assessments and none have been being taken into consideration. Six months later, the affiliation decides it is time for a brand new face and there's now not enough cash within the reserves. They determine to head beforehand with the face raise and pay it with special assessments. Your share is going to be two times your earnings for the following 20 months. Can manifest.

Yes, things can go wrong with a single family investment or an apartment building investment. But there you have more control. Because there you can have a home inspector inspect the whole structure. Because there there's no board of director's member whose boyfriend owns a construction company that could use a few thousand dollars.

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