Monday 21 August 2017

Condo Inspector Toronto | In 2017 Real Estate Sale in Toronto (GTA)

Condo Inspector Toronto examines the physical and operational condition of a property through visual means and through testing of plumbing fixtures, electrical systems, appliances and heating and air conditioning systems. Inspections include the roof, foundation, water drainage, walls, floors, windows, doors, and more. Home inspections do NOT include inspection for living organisms including mold and termites. However, most home inspectors will comment if they see evidence of water, mold, infestation and/or damage from any of those.

Look for the latest InfraRed (IR) thermal imaging.

In Toronto, Condo Inspector inspects with the measurements of electrical outlets with electricity monitors. Water pressure should be taken with a pressure meter. Temperature probes are used to be sure heaters and air conditioners are working properly. The latest technology is InfraRed (IR) thermal imaging. This is an invaluable tool that some inspectors are starting to use. It can show defects the human eye cannot, such as the presence of moisture in floors, walls, and ceilings. It shows defects in insulation and leaks in air and heating systems. If you can find an inspection company offering IR thermal imaging, consider them first.

What about licensing and credentials?

Few people know that the State of Canada does neither control nor license home inspectors! So it is very important to investigate the qualifications of Toronto inspector. Get references from the inspector or talk to agents who have worked with the inspector. Look for the inspector's membership in industry organizations. Your inspector should adhere to the CREIA Standards of Practice mentioned earlier. 

Look for a guarantee in writing.

 Toronto Condo Inspector gives guarantee in writing for businesses, very few home inspectors fully guarantee their work. A good guarantee does not just offer your money back for the cost of an inspection, but actually, pays to correct any defect that was missed by the inspector during an inspection. Don't accept any verbal comments about guarantees. An inspection company with a real guarantee will have it in writing on their web site.

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