Saturday 29 July 2017

How Long Does It Take To Do a Home Inspection?

This is a very good question and one that most buyers do not ask. Most home inspections should take 2 to 3 hours at the site. There are variables that effect the time an inspection will take.

1. Size of the home

2. A number of systems to be inspected, one or multiple HVAC systems, the number of electrical main and sub panels, the number of water heaters, wells, water softeners and filters, pools and spas, and multiple kitchens will all add to the inspection time.

3. Condition and age of the property.

4. Access to areas to be inspected, crawl space and attic for example.

5. Weather conditions, rain, snow or extreme heat can slow the inspection time.

6. State requirements for a home inspection.

7. The amount of question the client has during the inspection. I always recommend the client have a list of questions for the inspector about the property. The inspector can then address those specific questions or investigate that area further. It is the inspector's job to make sure all the clients question have been addressed and have covered any concerns they may have about the property.

A home inspection report will describe the condition of each component of a property and indicate whether repairs are needed and when. A home inspector will not indicate whether a home passes or fails an inspection. Most purchasers of residential real estate opt for a home inspection in order to be aware of potential repair costs later on. Home inspections are not regulated by legislation. Despite this, Home Inspection Toronto holds itself to high professional standards.

A home inspection is a process of examining the quality, condition, and state of a home. This is most time connected with the sale of the home. The inspection of a home is usually carried out by a home inspector that is highly qualified and skilled. Furthermore, they usually do have certifications to carry out the inspection on the home. A written report of the findings of the home would be given to the clients after the home inspector is done inspecting the home. The client would afterward use the knowledge gotten from the findings to make decisions whether to purchase the home or not. The home inspector only gives a report of the condition of the home but does not give assurance of components, life expectancy, efficiency or future condition of the home. The home inspector’s primary function is to inspect the home and give his finding to his client.

Toronto Home Inspection Company goal to provide clients with complete and proper information which would educate them and allow them to make right decisions regarding the purchase or sale of a home. To know more our service visit

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