Saturday 29 July 2017

What Are The Types Of Home Inspection?

A home inspection conducted by a licensed home inspector involves a walk-through of all areas of your home or building in order to note its present condition and deficiencies. Often, home inspections are conducted as a condition of an agreement of purchase and sale. Once a purchaser is satisfied that a potential property does not require expensive repairs, s/he may waive the condition in the agreement and the sale becomes final.

Types of Home Inspections

Whether you're a new home buyer, buying or selling a resale home, a purchaser of the commercial property or want to check the conditions of your existing home, Home Inspector Brampton is here to serve you. We conduct home inspections for the following purposes:

*  Pre-listing Inspection (Before you list your home for sale).

* Pre-purchase Inspection (Before you purchase a home usually a condition of your agreement of purchase and sale)

* Pre-delivery home Inspection (To verify new home phase completions and pre-delivery)

*  Renovation Construction Deficiency Inspections

* Walk Through Inspections

* Preventive, Seasonal, or Maintenance Property Inspections

* New Home Phase Inspections

* Infrared Thermal Inspections

* lead Inspections

* Mold Inspections

* Asbestos Inspections

* Air Quality test And Water Quality Tests (To check the air and water quality of your home)

* Radon Gas Inspections or Radon Testing.

* We also conduct inspections of the following properties:

* Apartment buildings

*  properties

* Industrial buildings

The main purpose of a home inspection is to give you the information needed to make an informed decision on the purchase. Most home inspectors focus on the major defects that will cost the buyer a lot of money above the purchase price to repair.

Reputable Inspectors Make a Difference

Home buyers should choose experienced, unbiased inspectors to assess their property. It's also a good idea to be present at the time of inspection.

Brampton Home Inspector will go the extra mile to ensure a buyer fully understands the aspects of the analysis. This can make all the difference once a buyer does finally become a homeowner.

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