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Certified Home Inspection Service - Home Inspection Toronto

Certified Home Inspection Service - Home Inspection Toronto

Is It Safe To Store Items In The Attic?

Why do I need a home inspection?

An inspection on a new home is important for the buyer to level the playing field. As in any job, there are shortcuts and tricks of the trade that someone who is unfamiliar with them can easily miss. A Home Inspection is better able to see nuances that may not be readily visible to an untrained eye. There is actually quite a lot of information about a home that most people either take for granted or simply don’t know. An inspection of the house before the drywall is installed, otherwise known as a “pre close-in” inspection, provides a level of quality assurance for the buyer that many builders don’t usually provide for their contractors. Home Inspection Toronto gives you a better chance of identifying and correcting potential problems when they are much easier and less expensive to fix, before they become physically or financially prohibitive, such as moving a wall so that kitchen cabinets don’t protrude into a doorway opening, or moving electrical receptacles so they are placed where you need them.

Did you run out of space to store new furniture, boxes or other belongings? Are you wondering what items can be safely stored in the attic? This is a common problem that homeowners face at some point or another.

Storing items in your attic is far more preferable than storing them in the basement where they may get wet. However, things you really care about should probably never go in the attic. Objects made of wood that will rot from moisture, leather, natural components like hair and fabric. Photos and papers-they will all eventually deteriorate.

Be aware Attic Moisture Can Ruin Items

The biggest problem associated with attic storage is the potential for moisture damage. Even if there’s no visible water leaks or standing pools of water, high humidity levels in the attic can ruin your belongings. Moisture vapor will settle into the fabric, promoting the growth of mold and mildew. Whether it clothes or furniture, mildew such as this will destroy your items, forcing you to toss them out.

For this reason, Toronto Home Inspection, Home Inspectors use Moisture meters for identifying the moisture and water leakage in the walls. At golden Home inspections, our professional Inspectors have the knowledge of latest techniques involved in home inspections. This is the main reasons for contacting a golden home inspections professionals.To know more visit 

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