Wednesday 13 September 2017

The Best Time For An Inspection - Home Inspection Brampton - Contact Us On 647-704-7100

The Best Time For An Inspection - Home Inspection Brampton  - Contact Us On 647-704-7100

If possible, aim to have your inspection completed between late spring and early fall. Winter snow and ice can make it difficult for the inspector to do an accurate review of the roof and exterior of the home.

Finding a Home Inspection Brampton when you need him/her can be tricky business. It is best to the find one when you want, rather than scrambling at the last minute because you have to close on a deal.

Considering property prices, I suggest setting aside enough time to research the best home inspector for your needs. The top inspectors will be booked up for a week or more in advance, especially during the busy season. (Spring & Summer) Take care of the “inspector interview” long before the offer. It is much less stressful this way. Also, in my opinion, only you should be the one to choose the inspector, although many real estate agents will offer their suggestions.

If you want to sell your home and would like to know the deficiencies prior to listing it, call an inspector for a Pre-listing inspection. You can address the problems before the home goes on the market.

After the inspection, you can share the findings with potential buyers. This can make your home easier to sell. More than likely, the buyers will find their own inspector as well. If your pre-listing inspector does a good job for you, there will be few issues. The added bonus… Now you have someone for your own purchase.

Inspection results

Once the inspection is complete there are a few things to consider:

• If there are several issues with the home that are costly to repair you may choose to walk away from the purchase altogether. Remember, you will need to have this listed as a condition in your offer to avoid penalty.

• If you still wish to move forward with your purchase, you have the option to either 1) factor the repair costs into your purchase price by having the seller reduce the cost or 2) you can ask to have the current owners fix some of the issues prior to moving in.

Home inspections and your insurance

How does a home inspection impact insurance? If the home inspection finds several issues with the home, such as out-of-date plumbing, wiring or old oil tanks, the home could cost you more to insure. Older homes with out-of-date components can present greater risks to an insurer. Some insurance companies may require you to replace certain items within a specified time period in order to provide you with coverage.

A thorough home inspection by a professional Home Inspection Brampton will give you peace of mind that you know exactly what you’re buying. If you have concerns about any issues raised during a home inspection, your BrokerLink broker would be happy to discuss how it could impact your home insurance premium.

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