Monday 27 November 2017

Best Home Inspection 2017 - @ Golden home inspection

Best Home Inspection 2017 - @ Golden home inspection

Best Home Inspection 2017 - @ Golden home inspection

The Home Inspection Brampton will definitely give the buyer peace of mind and put the buyer’s mind at ease that the home is  in good shape. It can also become a negotiation tool in closing, and could inform the buyer of potential future maintenance  and upkeep.  A seller of a home may also request a home inspection before the home is put on the market.   This may assist  the seller in setting a price, correct any issues with the home before it is put on the market, or merely be having a pre- inspection report available for buyers informing them that the seller has nothing to hide. They had provided the below  services for during their inspection.

What are the Services we have?

**Pre-list Inspection**

Getting ready to sell your home? Nervous about what a home inspector might find? 

A pre-sale home inspection can help reduce the stress of selling a home by identifying any issues. At Blago Home Inspection  our pre-list inspection will also include a consultation on how any deficiency may impact the sale of the home. Includes  inspection, on site written report, consultation and cd of all pictures taken. 

**Purchaser's Home Inspection**

Buying a home? 

A certified inspector will inspect the home, provide a report on site and explain the report. It is the goal of Blago Home  Inspections that all customers understand fully the information provided. The inspection is noninvasive but will provide the  customer with all information regarding all the operating systems of the house. Includes thermal imaging, non-invasive  inspection, on site written report, consultation and cd of all pictures taken during the inspection.

**Post Closing Home Inspection**

Already bought a house?

If you waived the home inspection in order to close on the home you wanted it isn't too late.  Blago Home Inspection will  inspect post closing, providing you with information about any defects, so that you can make maintenance plans and budget.   As part of our commitment to customer service, we will take time to explain how your home functions and what you can do to  prevent expensive repairs.  Price includes inspection, thermal imaging, report, consultation and photos.

**Thermal Imaging**

Just want thermal imaging?  Need to diagnose a problem?  Want to find out why your heating bills are so high? 

Thermal imaging is a very useful diagnostic tool when in the hands of a skilled operator and inspector.  Infrared scanners  can be used to diagnose heat loss, plumbing leaks, roof leaks, mold, water penetration and much more.  Thermal imaging can  also help find a pool or hot tub leaks giving home owners diagnostic capabilities while still having the ability to fix the  problem-saving money.  We also offer service for commercial applications and diagnostics.

**Individual Component Inspection**

Having a problem with your home? 

If you are experiencing difficulties with one part of your home and would like to have it examined then having a component  inspection is ideal. Isolating the cause of the problem will help you select the proper contractor for the job, and save you  money. Includes inspection, written report, and consultation.

The above checks are the basic inspections concentration in the Golden home inspection.Our  Home Inspection Brampton has  reputation for their estimated cost of the client.They provide satisfied service to their client.One of the main benefits of  having a home inspection early, in the case of a new home, is being able to sort out issues you may not be aware of with the  builder while still under warranty. In the case of resale condos, sometimes a renegotiation of the price might be possible if  you include a pass of a home inspection as a condition of sale. For more details about our inspections visit on our webcite (

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