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About the House: Good use for rags, rugs

About the House: Good use for rags, rugs

Most of us who’ve worked in the trades for an extended time have developed procedures we use without a second thought. 

People who work with messy stuff have a supply of “dirty” rags nearby and, most likely, another one in their back pocket. Depending on the tasks of the day, there may also be a good supply of “clean” rags handy, too.

If the job is a bathroom remodel and the work is in the beginning stage, the dirty rags are needed, as is an old throw rug for just outside the door. A long, heavy painter’s drop cloth nicely covers the hallway, but the rug will catch most of the crud before you track it all about. This makes for much easier cleanup, as well as keeping the mess localized.When the project is winding down, the “clean” rags and rugs get deployed. The cleaner the task, the cleaner the rags needed. Cleaning while caulking and painting gets nasty if the rags or paper towels have plumbers’ grease, old wax ring pieces, or sawdust in them. As always, final cleanup needs fresh, clean rags and high-quality cleaning solutions like vinegar and water.

Rags and drop cloths are essential for those in-between parts of the project, too. A good drop cloth or rug laid out to protect the new flooring is needed when hanging a medicine cabinet and light fixtures. A dropped screwdriver or pliers can wreak havoc on new vinyl sheet-goods and baseboards. Heavy rags or, better yet, a sheet of corrugated (cardboard) laid on the floor and counter, then covered with rag rugs, will give a safe place to set tools and tool boxes. 

A sometimes-overlooked area that needs heavy-duty coverings is a new tub or shower. I know a contractor who spilled a can of purple cleaning primer for the PVC sink drain into the brand-new bathtub. The stain was not removable; he had to start the project over from the beginning. 

Another second-nature thing to many in the trades is closing the toilet lid and putting the stopper in sinks and bathtubs. This seemingly innocuous action will catch many dropped screw and nuts. 

When working on an outdoor deck hanging lights, or a screen door, a drop cloth will keep the errant dropped screw from falling between the boards. Seemingly small actions done with forethought help make projects flow smoothly About the House.

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