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It's a New Home - Why have it inspected at all? my builder says they will inspect it with me.

It's a New Home - Why have it inspected at all? my builder says they will inspect it with me.

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New home construction is not without its problems, especially in the Ottawa area.

Most homeowners are not professionally trained to determine the construction defects with their new home and yet both the Builder and Tarion Home Warranty program expect them to document and report all of their home's shortcomings at various intervals like the Pre-Delivery Inspections with the Builder, 30 Day and 1st, 2nd and 7th year of ownership.

While most homeowners can identify cosmetic issues with their new home, often their untrained eye can overlook serious construction deficiencies. This is a job best left to a trained professional like a Home Inspector Brampton with New Home Construction Experience.

Yes your Builder will conduct a a pre-delivery walk through inspection with you (PDI) however, they aren't going to pick your home apart as part of this process. This is their opportunity to show off their work - not criticize it.

But the Home Is Insured by Tarion Home Warranty?

That may be true, but like all insurance programs, Tarions is not perfect. Firstly, they will only consider covering what you claim. Secondly the program is often a frustrating process for new homeowners and often defects in workmanship are NOT warrantied. Unless you can substantiate that your findings are indeed "Credible" then you might get the run around. This is where having a Professional Home Inspector assist you can be of huge benefit. Meetings with your Builder like your Pre-Delivery Inspection, are their opportunity to showcase your new home, don't expect them to point out everything wrong with it. You however, will be asked at the PDI to identify all defects with your new home. Most homeowners tend to use the PDI to check out the cosmetics of their new home, not get into structural details. If you think new homes are problem free, we suggest you read this Tarion Survey first. It's clear to see that while some new homeowners are pleased with the Tarion coverage and process, many other are not. Also bear in mind that a professional home inspector should point out ALL defects with your home, whether they will be warrantied by Tarion or not. As a homeowner, you need this information to be able to "Protect your Investment" in the long run.

If you have not yet purchased your new home, it is a good idea to consider the services of a Professional Home Inspector during it's construction. You will require that a clause be inserted into the Agreement of Purchase & Sale with the builder that stipulates that construction inspections are permitted. Some builders are hesitant to allow this service. If this is the case with your choice of builder, you may want to reconsider things. Many builders are at least permitting frame-walks or pre-drywall walkthroughs where you may be permitted to have your own home inspector accompany you. We strongly suggest that you consult with an expert real estate lawyer, prior to the signing of any new home purchase agreement. Your lawyer may also suggest that you have a copy of the floor plan for your new home, included in the agreement papers.

If your builder will not accommodate construction inspections, it is still in your best interests to consider having a professional Home Inspector Brampton accompany you to your PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) prior to your occupancy and any money changing hands. During this PDI you will be asked to create a list of deficiencies with the builder representative (and of course the verbal assistance of your home inspector). After you move into your new home, there is generally a period of 30 days in which you may forward a list of building deficiencies to the Warranty Program. There is also another opportunity as you approach your first anniversary in the home. Your final list of home deficiencies needs to be submitted to Tarion Warranty within a 30 day period prior to the end of your first year in the home.

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